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The New CISO

Apr 1, 2021

In this episode of The New CISO, Matt King comes on to focus on the leadership side of cyber security. Matt talks about how lifelong learners make for great leaders, and how he learned to not make assumptions about his team members when managing them. 
Matt King is currently the VP of Global IT Security, CISO at Belcan. He has been with the company since 2017. Before transitioning into cyber security, Matt’s career focused on IT. However, Matt worked to bridge the gap in communication between the two before transitioning into cyber security. 
Becoming A Leader 
This episode notes the gaps between managers that received leadership training and what Matt learned about management when he transitioned into a leadership role. Some managers choose to delegate and coach people in different ways. Matt notes that when delegating tasks to your team members, it shouldn’t just be based on their knowledge level. Instead, it should be based on the specific task you are asking them to do. 
Analyzing Your Team 
Matt reflects on a situation where he made an assumption based on someone’s skill level and completely delegated a task to them. The results weren’t the best. A tip for managers: make sure you fully understand not just their skill level, but what that person can handle for that particular task. Also reflect on what they need from a delegation perspective: do they need handholding, general guidance or can they fully run with it? 
Up For The Challenge 
How do you amp yourself up to take on the challenge of managing people? The simple answer: try to learn from everybody you meet. Switching into the application, focus on the overall goals when you’re talking strategy and then divide your work up into chunks when dealing with the tactical side of the job. 
The New CISO 
For Matt, it’s all about flexibility. He places an emphasis on being open minded and being willing to help others. 

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