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The New CISO

Dec 13, 2019

Marketing In Relation To Security

Marketing is all about getting a certain message to the right audience. A background in this field can be a great way to transition into other positions including the CISO. Being able to take a look at the bigger picture and then funnel that picture down to solve the problem at hand can be aided with a marketing approach. 


Advice To Those Just Starting Out 

Being new in an industry can be isolating by itself alone, but being female in a male dominated industry can emphasize that isolation. Being able to feel comfortable in your individuality will help anyone in any position. Also being gentler with yourself as a person, and attempting to enjoy the path you’re on can provide you with a higher sense of self-worth.   


Being The Only Woman In The Meeting

Speaking in general terms men tend to be more direct and interact differently within their own gender. Being the only woman there you have to adapt, speaking more directly, and bluntly for example. This being said the same would be true of a man working in a female dominated industry, adapting to the culture of the industry will set you apart. Having the proper certification and licenses can set you apart as well, it is unfortunate that the business culture is this way, but it will prove on paper that you are capable and have the skillset to demand respect in the industry. Being prepared and researching beforehand is key to success as well, spend a little extra time researching your client. 


Why Women Are Encouraged To Pursue A Career In Security

Women are highly detail-oriented which is huge in the realm of security, yet a common misconception of security is that it is a technical only position. Technical has a place in security, but that isn’t the only aspect of the industry. Being able to communicate, see the bigger picture, work within a team, and cooperate with the company are other aspects within the security field that women can strive in whether being a technical person or not. 


Friendly Advice To Men In The Workplace

In meeting be an active listener, do not interrupt women, do not repeat their ideas and state them as your own. Women who have children also have different life pressures, but when you schedule a happy hour meeting that almost immediately excludes the women on your team with children. Having lunch meetings are a great way to keep the whole team involved and at the table. Having meeting over a round of golf is fairly typical, but don’t exclude the women on your team, the conscience of who your team is and how to involve everyone in the productivity in the workplace. Keep it equal, don’t interrupt, and be aware of how you are interacting.  Women want to be treated like equals, women don’t want to be separated by gender in their industry. 


Advice To Women In The Security Industry

You are going to face adversity, harassment, isolation, and many other challenges when you are the minority in the industry. It is not going to be easy, you are definitely going to have to put the work in. That being said, the higher you climb the less of a minority you are. So stay focused, toughen up, and climb the latter. 


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