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The New CISO

Mar 4, 2021

Rinki Sethi joins us for the second time on the show, and this time she is with a new company. Just a few months ago, Rinki became the CISO at Twitter. In this episode, we talk about what made Rinki want to take the jump to a new company and how you can adjust to working for a new company when you’re completely remote.


Rinki joined Twitter in September of 2020. Before that, she was the CISO at Rubrik. Rinki has also served in cyber security positions for IBM, Intuit, Walmart and eBay.

Taking the Leap

Your job is so much more than day-to-day tasks. It’s also about the relationships you form with your team and your interactions with them. When COVID-19 had her office go remote, Rinki was left in her house with a lot of free time. And that free time led her to do some deep thinking about who she was and who she wanted to be, realizing that she was no longer feeling challenged at her job. Rinki talks about looking at it from the perspective of the larger impact.

Virtual Interviews
Rinki’s hiring process was 100% virtual. For those who are used to traveling to another city for a few days to go through the interview process, this concept is hard to grasp. Rinki goes into detail on forming connections with the interviewers through a screen, and what questions you can ask the company to see if the environment is a good fit.

Mental Health in the Workplace
Mental health is extremely important to Rinki, and she tries to implement that with her team as much as possible. However, she has yet to meet anyone from Twitter in-person due to the pandemic. That poses some challenges; instead of interpreting body language and the physical environment of your team, you have to interpret video calls and chat messages. Rinki shares some tips on how to ensure your team is prioritizing their mental health while reiterating one message: we are all still humans.

The New CISO
When asked what the new CISO means to her, Rinki emphasizes building and strengthening a security culture while continuing to be thought leaders for the company.

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